General Description

FS970X is a series of Digital Multi-function Meter (DMM) chip. The core is a high resolution ΔΣ ADC combined with function network, operational amplifiers, digital filter, crystal oscillation circuit, digital control logic, and microprocessor interface.

FS970X ADC includes not only high-resolution output to achieve accurate measurement, but high-speed ADC output to display the bar graph of digital meter and to measure +/- peak hold.

Combined with a microprocessor, FS970X can function as an auto-range DMM to measure DC/AC voltage, DC/AC current, resistance, frequency, peak hold and diode, etc. In addition, it includes several sets of programmable ADC direct input to expand product applicability.



Built-in high resolution GU ADC
Good CMRR at 50/60 Hz
Low battery detection
Built-in crystal oscillation circuit
Operation current is less than 1.2mA
Standby saving mode current is less than 10uA
2.5kHz beeper driver
5,000 counts, high-resolution low-speed input, 5 times / sec.
500 counts, low resolution, high-speed input, 640 times / sec.
Standard 4-bit parallel interface to directly connect to microprocessor ports
4 programmable ADC direct input channel
Package: 64-pin LQFP



Digital Multi-function Meter



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