General Description

The FS9932 is a high performance, low cost CMOS 8-bit single chip microcontroller with an embedded 2kx16 bit ROM, a 6-channel 14-bit fully differential input analog to digital converter, a low noise amplifier, and a 4 x 12 LCD driver.

The FS9932 is best suited for applications such as low cost body scale, barometer, hygrometer, etc.



8-bit microcontroller, 37 single word instructions
Embedded 2k x 16 bit program memory, 128-byte data memory
CPU operation voltage range is from 2.4V to 3.6V
Embedded 1.25 MHz oscillator
External 32768Hz crystal oscillator (RTC) or 4MHz crystal oscillator (Mask options are FS9932L for 32768Hz and FS9932H for 4MHz)
Operation current is about 1.5mA; sleep mode current is about 2μA
6-layer hardware stacks
3 Interrupt sources (external: Input Port, internal: Timer, ADC)
6 analog input channels
14-bit noise free ADC with programmable output rate and resolution
Embedded charge pump circuit (Voltage Doubler) and voltage regulator (3.4V regulated output)
Embedded bandgap voltage reference (typical 1.2V±50mV, 100ppm/°C)
Internal silicon temperature sensor
Low noise (1μV peak-to-peak without chopper, 0.5μV peak-to-peak with chopper, 0.1Hz~1Hz) OPAMP with chopper controller
10-bit bi-directional I/O port including 1-bit for buzzer output and 1-bit for PDM output
4 x 12 LCD driver (3V peak-to-peak) and 4-bit programmable output port. Watchdog timer
Package: dice form (52 pins), 64-pin LQFP



Simple electronic scales: body scale, kitchen scale, pocket scale, etc.
Body fat meter
Other sensor or transducer measurement application



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