General Description

The FS91M68 is a 8-bit high performance and cost-efficient microcontroller with one R2F module and 3×13 LCD driver. The device is suited for use in low power LCD applications such as thermometers etc.



8-bit microcontroller
Embedded 1k-word ROM and 64-byte RAM
1.5V battery operation, with about 40μA (Typ.) operation current, and 0.2μA (Typ.) sleep mode current
One R2F (Resistance to Frequency) conversion module for sensor and reference resistors
One high-speed comparator and one 16-bit counter with programmable gate time select
Build-in voltage doubler for 1/3 duty, 1/2 bias 3×13 LCD driver
Input port:4-bit ; In / Out port:4-bit
Two buzzer outputs
Build in low battery detector (LVD)
Package:Dice form (36 pins), 44-pin LQFP



Clinical thermometer
R/C Type Sensor Measurement



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