General Description

FS511 is a high resolution analog-to-digital (ADC) chip. The core of the chip is an 18-bit resolution GU ADC. Besides the GU ADC, the FS511 consists of switching circuits, two operational amplifiers, two digital filters, crystal oscillation circuit, digital control logic, and microprocessor interface. Under 5V working voltage, this chip consumes 1.2mA power.



Embed programmable GU ADC
18-bit high-resolution 10Hz output rate
Linearity Error: 0.005%FS
Voltage operation ranges from 4.5V to 6V
Embed crystal oscillation circuit
Operation current is less than 1.2mA
Sleep mode current is about 1uA
Low Temperature coefficient: 10 ppm/J (Typical)
SPI interface to microprocessor
Package: 20-pin DIP, 20-pin SOP.



Electronic Weigh Scale
Sensor or Transducer measurement application


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